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Matt Kenny

Mount Allison Mounties

"The biggest difference from high school football to university is the speed and size of the players. Having the Mustangs was a huge part of my transition into university ball.

You get to play and learn from current and recently removed university p

layers as well schemes and techniques from experienced veterans. Mustangs helped keep me in game shape leading up to university training camp and allowed me to work on position specific drills with high level athletes."

Glodin Mulali

Acadia Axemen, Team Canada

"The best decision I ever made was playing for the mustangs before going into university. As a true freshman from high school I knew I had to play in a league more physical than high school and the MFL was the league.


Playing with and against ex/current university football players helped me get an idea of how physical and competitive university would be. It also helped me develop as a football player, like they say 'the only way to get good at something is doing it a lot.' I wanted to play football as much as I could and the MFL helped me achieve that."

Ben Grass

Mount Allison Mounties

"Playing for the Mustangs was a key contributor to taking my game to the next level in U Sports Football. It allowed me to further develop as a player through playing time and seeing success on the field. Many of my teammates on the Mustangs had played at a higher level, and were able to coach me and help me get better in practices and games. I was able to stay healthy and never miss a lift during the week as practices are in the evenings and only twice per week.


I would definitely recommend playing for the Mustangs to any young player looking to take their game to the next level and compete in U Sports football as the MFL is a perfect bridge between high school football and university ball. For many players, experience in the MFL can be the difference between a starting spot and a backup position in the fall.


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