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1000lbs CLUB

When former Head Coach Jason Terris, took the reins of the Mustangs after the 2015 season, he wanted to institute a new culture of work ethic, accountability, and accomplishment. With that vision in mind, the Moncton Mustangs 1000lbs Club was instituted.


To join the 1000lbs club, under the supervision of a certified weightlifting coach, players are to lift a combined 1000 lbs in the big three lifts: bench press, squat, and deadlift. The Mustangs aspire to have all their players lifting properly and safely with sound technique so unsupervised lifts are not recommended and will not be counted.

Moncton Mustangs Weight Lifting Records:

Bench Press: 415lbs Rob Booth

Squat: 545lbs Ben Dunston

Deadlift: 545lbs Mark Crandall

Total All Three: 1405lbs Mark Crandall

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