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The Brian Agnew Award for Community Excellence presented by the Moncton Mustangs

Former head coach of the Moncton Mustangs, Brian Agnew, made a significant impact on every person that he contacted. Brian was a highly skilled and knowledgeable football coach and the sacrificing love he had for his teams, his players, and his community was undeniable and contagious. In 2011 Brian was recognized for his accomplishments on and off the field by the National Football League as he was named a finalist for the 2011 NFL Youth Coach of the Year Award. Tragically, in the summer of 2015 Brian was suddenly taken from his family, his friends, and his community that he loved so much and loved him so much back.

The Brian Agnew Memorial Award for Community Excellence presented by the Moncton Mustangs is an award that celebrates the same spirit that lived in Brian. The annual award will go to a member of the football community who demonstrates an exceptional love for the people of Greater Moncton through extracurricular community work.

Nominations will be received by the executive board of the Moncton Mustangs along with input from the Agnew family and the winner will be announced during the Moncton Mustangs Hall of Fame Induction. If you have anyone you would like to nominate, send us a message with your nominee and why you are nominating this individual.

The 2016 Recipient - Robbie Chevarie

The 2017 Recipient - Jason Agnew

The 2018 Recipient - Sean MacIsaac

The 2019 Recipient - David Chapman

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